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4 e-commerce Web Design Strategies For Increasing Your Profits

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5 (100%) 1 vote

Your e-commerce website success is dependent on how good your strategies are and how well they are executed. A good ecommerce website strategic plan involves usability, aesthetics, layout, and structure. When all these components are working well together (along with a solid SEO plan and flawless web development), your e-commerce website is sure to achieve high conversion rates.

Here are four great eCommerce web design strategies that will bring the best possible results for your eCommerce website.

  1. Know Your Brand Identity

Can you right now describe exactly what your e-commerce website does and sells in about 10 seconds? Will your staff and customers say about the same thing? In case not, then you need to work on defining well exactly what your brand really is and how it currently fits into your industry. Once that task is done, you can move ahead to adjust how your brand is positioned and perceived by your staff and customers.

Make sure you choose the proper typography along with a great color palette and styling. In case you already have a well-established brand on your perspective that is great! Just make your view is in alignment with your staff and customers view of your business.

  1. Know Your Customers

Who is consuming your products? What is your target audience? Are you missing a certain potential audience, large or small, that could be increasing your revenue?

Through identifying well your target audiences and knowing well their demographics, interests and common web activities you will be able to ensure that your e-commerce web design strategy makes your target audiences feel comfortable when they are using your e-commerce website. This is the big first step towards building great relationships with your potential customers.

Differently from sales in real life, there is no sales representatives to guide your potential customers through your sales funnel when you are selling products online through an e-commerce store (some websites have live chat and phone numbers, however usually potential customers will not even bother to use these resources, they will just leave for a better website). That is why it is so crucial for an e-commerce business to understand really well its target audiences and ensure through the perfect web design that its website looks and feels comfortable and trustworthy for its potential customers.

  1. Focus on Usability

Making your ecommerce website navigation intuitive and easy is both an art and a science, therefore it can be quite complex. It does not mean that you should invest hundreds of hours and a fortune on developing it. But, it really needs to be carefully and strategically thought out. Your products have to be grouped into the right categories and subcategories which make sense for your consumers. Your products should also be well presented through a clean grid with proper labeling which is easy to read and scan.

Make sure that your web developers use responsive web design techniques in order to your website to adapt itself perfectly on all types of devices. Also ask for them to use a robust and secure payment gateway solution in order to guarantee your customers data security.

  1. Keep Evolving

Finally, simply never stop evolving. Technology, trends as well as customer tastes will change over time naturally and quickly, therefore if you truly want to succeed in such a variable market you need to keep evolving every day.

iDreamBiz helps you to keep on testing different elements and strategies on your website in order to achieve the best possible results.


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