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4 uses of Esc Key you have not known yet

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5 (100%) 1 vote

Esc or Escape key has always been used to take an exit, and we have been using it to get out of the current page. Apart from this we always find it useless. But my friend, you need to clear you facts. Esc key has many more uses that decipher many troubles at times.  Want to explore more? Then keep on reading!

Five major unexpected uses of Esc key

Below are four uses that are not only rare but are hugely helpful to us when we are stuck between the screens.

  •         When the screen does not responds/hang:

So whenever your screen does not responds, esc key can get you out of the trouble. Press Alt+Esc key together and you will back on the previous task.  From there you can close the hanged screen. Also, you can press Ctrl+Esc to get your start menu on the screen. So if your mouse isn’t working fine, use this function to make things simpler. Great isn’t?

  •         Take you back to the original application in a shortcut:

We often press command+tab to switch from one screen to other without closing it. Instead of pressing multiple keys continuously, just press Esc when the command key is down, and it will take you to the original program you was working on. You can also try Alt+Esc keys, it will switch the screen without any fancy layout unlike THE Command+shift+Tab.

  •         Erase the written text ion the spotlight:

If you search for anything using Ctrl+F or in the spotlight, and then you want to type anything else, so we press the backspace key character by character to delete it. Instead press Esc key once and the text will be deleted at one go. This saves time and is real quick as well.

  •         Pause the game and gets you out on the homepage:

I don’t know if you all can relate to this, but I am many a times, open any game and then it does not shuts down before it completes its introduction and start. This makes me pissed off and creates a lot of trouble. Pressing any keys won’t work at that time except for the Esc key. So, if you have been stuck in this situation any time, just press the Esc key and it will take you out immediately. Moreover, next time your game will start where you left it. If somehow, inly escape does not work for you, press Alt+Escape, it does the same thing too. Not just the game, but this works to close any program or application saving changes.

Well these were some unforeseen yet useful uses of Esc key. Stay updated for the next blog. We will be coming up with some incredible benefits of shortcut keys. Until then, try these out and enhance your skills.

Written by: D&C Team



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