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5 major tricks and tips to keep your laptop like new for ever

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Believe it or not but a part of us is dependent on laptops today. From entertainment to work, laptop is the basic need of almost everyone in today’s era. And so D&C has brought to you an affordable range of laptops so that everyone can afford to have a laptop and can achieve his dreams in life. Besides, we don’t get enough time or will to take care of the laptop often which decreases the lifespan of the laptop. To cope up with this issue, we are here with 5 major tips and tricks with which you can keep your laptop like new forever, yes you heard it right.

Tips to increase the life of the laptops:

  •         Do not let the battery lose its temper 😉

Well by that we mean that keep the battery cool. However batteries tend to get hot very often, but you can avoid it by keeping a check on it. If you are thinking to run on AC power for a while, shut down the laptop, remove the battery and work without it. This way you can avoid the excessive heat on your battery.

  •         It’s a laptop and not your plate:

Well yes, people spill liquid on laptop while working and then to save time, swipe the liquid from their hands. But dear friends, understand this, that this is laptop and not your old computer. While the keyboard can be replaced in a computer without affecting any other part, liquid on a laptop’s keyboard can go inside the machine and can affect the motherboard which means a big uninvited loss.

And if you cannot get rid of your poor habits of spilling everything on your laptop, get a waterproof sheet for your keyboard, that will prevent the water to go inside the laptops and you can simple remove the cover, dry it off and use it again. You can also check out D&C laptops that have a fine sheet beneath the keyboard that helps the water, to some extent, not to go inside the laptop.

  •         Put it to sleep when you are away for long:

Yes, never let the laptop running without any purpose. People put it on charge and leave it for hours. You don’t be one of those fools, are you? Well to take precaution in advance, put to your laptop on sleep mode to save battery, display and to maintain its life span. Putting it on sleep has an excellent advantage as well. Whenever you will come back, you can simply open your laptop by pushing the screen up and your work will resume from where you left it. You don’t have to wait for it to get open and updated.

  •         Clean it often:

Simply using a dry duster, wipe the screen. Also you can bend it little and dust sitting inside the keys will drop down. So make sure of the cleaning of the laptop at least once in a week. This will not let the dust sit inside for long and so will enhance the life of the laptop.

  •         Choose the right carrying bag:

Be it bag or cover case, always choose the right carrying case. By right we mean to pick the case that fits your laptop properly. Wondering why? Well if you will take your laptop to somewhere, it will not allow the laptop to move inside and hence will prevent the damage of any internal part due to excess shaking. So, instead of putting any extra efforts for that just pick the right case for your laptop and done. Besides the bag, also try to keep the laptop in a foam cover in order to keep it safe from scratches or any damage.

Well these were five major tips that you can follow to enhance your laptop’s life. And if you are planning to buy one, that too within the limits of your pockets, check out D&C laptops as these are not just affordable but have great efficiency that raises the life of the laptop.

Picking the right thing, saves a disaster later!


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