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9 Things to do with your laptop in leisure time

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Yeah I know, you know well as what to do in your leisure time, but hey the tips mentioned here are not just fun to do, but it also keeps your laptop alive for years. Also, it tends to increase your knowledge and interaction with your laptop, which can help you to become a Ninja in the laptop world. Probably then, you can also earn some brownie points amongst your friends by sharing some cool tricks that you might invent while exploring your laptop.

Let’s have a look at some tasks that you can do with your laptop in your leisure time.

  • Back up the files in your laptop and scan it:

However, scanning for viruses should be done weekly, but whenever you get the time, put your laptop through virus scan so that you can keep the files safe. Also, laptop is a one point where we save all our memory and I am sure you do not want to lose a bit of it. Since backing up the data takes time and is kind of boring too (yes I said that), do it in your free time. It is recommended to do it every month so that if in any cases, your laptop is sick, you don’t have to run for your data.

And don’t tell me, you haven’t saved your data ever? My friend, there are many tools available “for free” in every OS with the help of which you can keep your data saved. So go do it now.

  • Free some space, de clutter the files:

I like to do it often because it is really annoying to see those multiple sub directories surrounding space for no use on the desktop. So, whenever you get some time, try to de clutter your files and merge it into one. Also remove the files that are no longer to your use. Doing this speeds up the functioning of the laptop plus you never know if you can find any lost precious file 😉

  • Manage and update the social media accounts:

Many a times we tend to ignore the LinkedIn or other important social media accounts, because yes, that’s not as interesting as other social media accounts. So whenever you are bored, manage and update the complete information on your social media account. Also change your passwords, because it is good for security reasons.

  • Send emails to loved ones:

I know how typing on phone and talking for hours on call sucks. Moreover, we run lack of time these days to stay connected with all our relatives. And so, I try to prefer writing emails to my loved ones. It acts as a surprise, because yea, no one do it now but it’s bring the memories back. You can express your words in writing more than you say. So try sending emails to grandfather/mother, old friends, and uncles, aunts. Forget you are in era of whatsapp and Facebook, I am sure you will love it!

  • Pursue your dreams:

So many of u, love to write or sing or cook or dance. So why not to give it a try? Especially when ti s not taking anything. Try making and uploading videos. Or blogs or scripts that interests you. At least you are doing something productive that ways. So Pursue your dreams whenever get time, who knows, someday it might help you to get your dream job!

  • Organize your stuff:

Most of the times, we save anything anywhere and then end up searching it in our laptop. Sop whenever you get the time, organize your files and folders with the specific name and keep the files under the right folder. This saves a lot of time later and makes things convenient as well.

  • Explores useful software:

Yes, Microsoft and Photoshop and other related software ca be learn at its best. The more you will explore, the better you will learn. Try to explore these software whenever you are free and flaunt your master skills whenever required.

  • Create wish list, add important dates to the calendar:

Creating wish list and then sharing it with friends is something that makes us feel good. Also, we tend to forget so many birthdays, isn’t it? So add reminders on your mail and laptop in your free time, so that you don’t have to stress your mind remembering the important dates. Organize the events, plans in your calendar and save tome later.

  • Explore what’s trending:

This is the best this to do and it’s not even boring. Always be updated with what is trending around the world. Explore google, YouTube, Facebook and other social media and news sites that you love the most. Trust me, there is nothing best than this. Because it enhances your knowledge and keeps you updated so that you can be a part of any discussion happening around you.

So, these were some basic things that you can do with your laptop whenever you get the time. Try these out and if you like any of them, share with the people around you. Also, if you do not have a laptop and want to give it a try, visit Not only they have the best laptop in terms of functioning but prices are way too affordable as well. Try that out and stay tune for the next fun post soon.


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