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Accessorising For Different Occasion

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Accessorising is the smartest fashion trick. It can make you look like a citizen of the world. Your outfit might be Indian, but your beads may look like they are from the streets that have no name. Sometimes one needs to push over from the edge and take an unknown path while styling. Accessories help you explore the unknown…without challenging you. It can take you slightly off from your everyday comfort zone yet give you the comfort of looking spectacular.

Take the most mundane outfit from your wardrobe and add an accessory or two and see it uplift your mood instantly. A red beaded necklace with a white tunic or a yellow corsage with blue.. it can make such a fashion statement. An accessory can also ease up your life- it can carry you from a day event to an evening in a snap of fingers. Just change your necklace or your earrings…or your handbag and you are good to go. The clever idea is to draw the attention where you want to or maybe take off from where you want don’t want!!

Accessory also sometimes becomes a personal style statement. Who can forget yesteryears news reader- Salma Sultana and the flowers in her hair-it was so characteristic to her. Any stress upon ‘correct accessorization’ is actually not completely fair for its truly your own mind and your own style. However one can definitely use certain guidelines.

At work for women:

1. Never wear anything that can come in the way or distract you or other. So avoid anything that’s too big or makes noise. Example-no anklets

2. Wear studs-diamonds or faux diamonds, pearls or any other stone. No long earrings please. smaller hoops can work

3. Wear simple chains or pearl strands or a single bead necklace. Please avoid chokers or heavy necklaces

4. One or two bangles or one single cuff/bracelet can add to the look

5. Please wear leather/metal strap watches. No canvas straps. Truly speaking a watch is a must. It shows how you value time.

6. Try broad belt if you wearing pencil skirts or pants. If you are wearing a dress, wear a thin belt at the waist.

7. Carry a spare clutch bag along with a folder if you are stepping out on meetings. No sling bags unless you work in a kindergarten

8. Please wear nothing more than 2 rings

9. Try wear a scarf-it can add some serious ladylike charm

10. Wear flat ballerinas or slight heels. Avoid very hi heels specially if they make noise

11. A pen is mightier than a sword. So carry a pen that truly reflects your personality. Carry a spare pen for doing regular work…so it doesn’t hurt if you lose them!

At work for men:

1. A tie- if your work area allows it, try it. It can reflect your mood and your personality. You might be at a very serious meeting but a fun tie can reflect the fun person you really are

2. A metal/leather strap watch- Do not every be without one!

3. Well polished shoes- no stamp marks, no shabbiness. Your shoes should look like they’ve just stepped out of the laundry!!! It can do wonder to your self confidence

4. Cufflinks- the hottest men’s accessory this season, try them on for formal meetings

5. Pen- The minute a pen come out of your pocket, it should say who you are!

6. Matching socks- white socks with formal shoes is a big no no! Please wear matched up socks

At weddings/festivals for women It’s the time to show enthusiasm towards your dressing. Try things that you normally would store in your wardrobe/locker. But never over do and wear too many things…or you might land up looking like ‘Ms Blingy’. Try these simple ideas

1. Indian looking batua- ditch leather/canvas bags. Go for ornately done bataua with drawstrings that can even be stiched up with old fabric

2.Neckpieces and earrings : avoid wearing both a heavy neckpiece and heavy earrings, as they would weight you down and tire you out real quick. Instead wear simpler studs and more elaborate neckpieces. Or elaborate earrings and a simple neckpiece. Avoid the cheap bead look.

3. Hair ornaments- one of the most ignored accessory, try the rhinestone hair ornaments. Today they are avaiualble as bun pins, hairclips, hairbands and the likes. . Pin up your hair using fancy hair clips and hair bands or make a high ponytail using some elaborate bands for a very retro look. You could even wear fresh mogra flowers

4. Broad anklets: a must wear this festival season, try the broad silver anklets. They are completely fashionable, and look great with kurtas and lehengas because of the old world charm about them

5. Lac bangles: funky colors and glamorous crystals, wear mismatched multiples of lac bangles for fun

6. brooches: instead of the regular safety pins, hold you sari pallu/dupatta in place by clipping them with fancy brooches

7. Baajuband: Team up your tops with fancy baajubands. You could use a beaded neckpiece to wrap around and create the effect or use actual precious baajubands.

8.Noisy ornaments- this is the time to bring out the rockstar. Try multiple bangles/multiple neckpieces together. Make noise and be heard!

9.Vadiyanams/waist belts- brig out tis old traditional ornament and wer it with style over lehengas

10.jutis/mojdis- besides the regular diamontaire sandals try jutis mojdis with ankle length flair skirts- they add to the village belle look!

At weddings/festivals for men 1. Kurta/sherwani buttons- if wearing Indian can the most ornate buttons you can find and dawn them

2. Formal wear- try unique tie pins with your suits

3. Distinct cufflinks- must wear smart trendy ones with your shirts


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