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5 (100%) 1 vote

Kissing is one of the most tender and beautiful acts of showing your love to your partner. Though there are many ways by which one can express love or desire, kissing holds an important position in an intimate relationship. Every couple does things differently to express their feelings for each other and kissing is also one of them.

There are many different styles of kissing and making love. In fact, there is an entire ‘Kamasutra’ jotted down explaining the different styles and kissing and different postures of love making. Kissing is also a great way to say sorry or say that you care to your partner. If ‘actions speak louder than words’ then, kissing is the best example of this quote. A simple kiss can make a relationship stronger and also heal previous wounds. A simple kiss can also speak volumes about a person’s persona and also show how much their partner means to them. In some relationships, kissing decides the future and the longevity of the relation.

Since, kissing is such an important part in a relationship, one must find out whether their kissing style is correct or not. Following is a short quiz which will help you find out if you are a good kisser or not and also help you improve your style:

  • Do you always carry chewing gums or mints?
  1. No, but I shall start now
  2. Yes, I always carry
  3. I love them, but I forget to carry.
  4. Occasionally, while going on a date.
  • Where do your place your hands while kissing?
  1. In the air
  2. On their faces
  3. On their backs
  4. To myself
  • What about your eyes while kissing?
  1. Open
  2. Close
  3. Open for few seconds
  4. Don’t know
  • Do you use your tongue while kissing?
  1. Never
  2. Sometimes
  3. Always
  4. Will never do it
  • Which of the following is a good kiss for a first kiss?
  1. Aggressive
  2. Gentle
  3. Lip-biting
  4. Single-lip kiss
  • What do you do if your partner wants a kiss and you have just eaten something?
  1. Eat a gum
  2. Gargle with mouthwash immediately
  3. Say no
  4. Kiss them anyway
  • What do you do after a kiss?
  1. Look into the eyes of your partner
  2. Hug and kiss your partner on the forehead
  3. Just lie down
  4. Go and drink water
  • Do you kiss your partner when they least expect it?
  1. Yes
  2. Surprise kiss makes them feel good
  3. No
  4. Confused
  • How would you rate yourself for kissing on a scale of 10?
  1. 9
  2. 10
  3. 8
  4. 5


If you get a 2 in all, then you are an expert kisser, the other options means you still have a long way to go in order to be a good kisser. A good kisser is sensitive to the needs and likes of their partners. Like, Share and Comment if you like the blog.



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