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The saying, ‘Have breakfast like a king, lunch like a merchant and dinner like a beggar,’ holds very true and has been wisely quoted.  Not only for unhealthy weight gain, but there are many side effects of eating the wrong food or the wrong food combination before bed time, as these may hinder your sleep pattern.

The following is list of some food items which are strictly not to be consumed if you have want to stay fit and fabulous:

  1. Chocolate: Containing a high dose of caffeine, chocolates are best avoided at night times as caffeine hinders with sleep. Those who have sleeping problems or insomnia should not consume chocolate after 7 pm. Chocolates are very healthy when had in moderation as they contain magnesium and other antioxidants. But they are best had during the day time.
  2. Nut Butter: Nut butter contains high quantities of healthy fats but these fats digest slowly and they tend to remain in the stomach all night. This causes disturbances in the sleep and hence they are best consumed during the day.
  3. Chillies and Spicy foods: Chillies and spicy foods though healthy may cause heartburn and acidity when consumed at night and this may hinder one’s sleep. If one doesn’t sleep well, then the entire next day you don’t feel fresh and energetic and your health deteriorates.
  4. Greasy or oily foods: Such food items take a lot of time to digest because of the high fat content in them. The stomach has to work overtime and harder to digest them which results in you feeling lazy and lethargic the next day.
  5. Chinese Food: This kind of cuisine has high doses of mono sodium glutamate which works like caffeine and disturbs the sleep. Hence it is advisable to skip Chinese food at night or have it cooked without adding MSG.
  6. Sugary foods: These kind of items dissolve easily into the blood causing a sugar spike in your system which renders you more active and disturbing your sleep problems.
  7. Wine: Though initially it might put you to sleep, but the alcohol actually disturbs your sleep, making you get up in the middle of the night to use the washroom ( a person get up at night to use the loo) and dehydrating your system.
  8. Oranges or citrus foods: Being acidic in nature, they are harmful for those who have acidity hindering their sleep patterns.
  9. Yoghurt or curd: Again acidic in nature, it is best advised to have curd during lunch time.

People generally tend to go to restaurants and hotels for dinner and end up consuming Chinese food or foods with high doses of fats. This causes sleep disturbances and acidity in many people. A good night’s sleep is very essential in waking up fresh and energetic the next day. One should try to consume very light food during night that includes some greens, non-oily and less spicy food. This kind of food digests easily relieving one from constipation problems.


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