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Bagru- The Indian Indigo Culture

5 (100%) 4 votes
5 (100%) 4 votes

Indigo has always had a national flavor for us Indians, be it in Indigo Movement or with natural textile usage. One such indigo legacy is the Indigo Bagru.  Get to know the mysteries and intricacy attached to Indigo Bagru, plunge your hands into vats of the rich blue gold and have something you will be surely proud of.

Bagru is place renowned for its natural dyes, indigo dyes and Block Printing around the world. Bagru has a unique place in Textile Industry. This erstwhile sleepy and desolate village on the Jaipur-Ajmer Road in Rajasthan is now the cynosure of many fashion houses and boutiques. This village town of is not popular for any palaces, forts or any other historicity, but for its typical wooden prints. These prints of Bagru are acclaimed all over India and are particularly known as Bagru prints.

Bagru printing is one of the traditional techniques of printing with natural colors followed by the chippas of a remote place of Rajasthan. The process starts from preparing the cloth to finished printed fabrics following an age old indigenous methods. There motifs have always stood out because of some specialty they behold. They are printed on light colored background with wooden blocks following two styles direct and resist style.


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