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Basic tips to make your kid learn laptop fast

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5 (100%) 11 votes

In the world like today, it has become important for you as parents, to keep your kid hyper active. And so, laptop can be an easy thing to start with. All you need to make sure is to keep it informative yet interesting, so that kids actively takes part in learning the operation.

To start with, you don’t have to explain it to your kids, how it is made and works as this is not important for him right now, plus we need to keep the learning interesting. So follow these tips and tricks below to get it done with ease.

  • Basic things first!

Initially, teach him how to open, shut down and plug in- plug off the battery when required. Explain to him the importance of shutting it down when not required as then he will use it judiciously. Also teach him to handle the laptop with care and clean the dust whenever spotted as these basic etiquette’s are the utmost important for him and the laptop as well. The better you will keep, the best it will perform.

  • Tell your kids what important:

In order to explain them a little bit (though kids are already smart and know everything these days but still), tell him about the keypad, the touch pad and screen. Remember, kids take the maximum time in getting used to the touch pad. So let him try on his own as this is the best way to give him learning.

You can start with paint, where he can have the best use of the touch pad cursor, you can also attach separate mouse, if your kid does not like to do that way. Let him draw things and enjoy and will get to learn how to operate a laptop. Also, teach him the right click of the mouse that helps him to open the file and even copy it too as it will be helpful for him while you will introduce e homework.

  • Install typing games and word games:

Once your kid is good to go with the basic things, introduce him to the typing games. These are not just fun to play but also helps in improving the typing speed. Kids can have the better learning of alphabets too with such kind of games. You can set the level of the game as per the age of your kid. Also, always try to install word games and typing games only, racing and other games are good if played often but creates addiction in kids. So use child lock or keep your kids away from those.

  • Introduce him to search engine:

If your kid’s school is following e-learning module, then you must make him friendly with the online projects, assignments and interacting platforms. These days, e learning is taking over the schools like storm and indeed is a great initiative too. Students can get huge knowledge out of internet. Just make sure to block the pop ups as with the benefits, internet also carries unusual stuff that your kids should not see.

And that’s it. These were some of the basic things that you should follow as a parent in order to make your child run with the trend. The competition in kids have taken a different level altogether and so it’s important for you to keep your kid’s knowledge updated but with little precautions. If you are planning to buy one regardless of spending, go for D&C laptops. The most affordable laptops ever! Also, they have cool features like HD touch, enhanced battery backup and high storage and so it can be a real deal for you. Moreover buying D&C laptops can help a needy child to get a free one.

So go visit and surprise your kid with an amazing laptop!


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