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When small businesses forgot Email Marketing existed: the birth of Email Campaign Management

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It’s a fact that email marketing is not used as ardently by the small businesses as among the big organizations, purely an indication that they are still unacquainted with its benefits. What could be the reason that there are so many email service providers—MailChimp, Infusion Soft, Campaign Monitor, Marketo, Emma, Silverpop, SalesForce’s Marketing Cloud and countless others.
It’s because emails do contribute to returns and to a great extent. And which is why these big organizations invest in email marketing, not merely to send across the information to their customers, but to ‘SELL’. If a small business does use it, it happens occasionally rather than consistently. Which if you ask an email marketer, would tell you, an investment in email marketing for a short term, is equivalent to flushing down the money. Honestly, email marketing requires a long term investment—patient & labour to yield returns.
And that’s one reason stopping small businesses to reap its benefits. Though, thousands of ESPs in the market now save the required labour, one still has to have patience. Perhaps, this is something that now has led to the growth of Email Campaign Management.

What is email campaign management?

Email campaign management is answer to the woes of small businesses concerning email marketing. It addresses content and designing issues, delivery and output concerns which a conventional marketer doesn’t have a control over.
3Ws—what, when and where, Email Campaign Management stands to overcome short comings of e-mail marketing.

What to send to your customer?
Yes, we are ought to send information about our product/ service. What we fail to understand is how to put that across the recipient.
A mix of images and copy, link positioning, call-to-action, they’ve all been tested to work differently. It’s the phase where one test our differently designed campaigns, which is synonymous by the name A/B test or split test in email marketing domain.

When to send?
Frequency of your campaigns can dramatically improve the open and click – through rates of your email campaigns.

Don’t you think that if you keep sending the same information to people who didn’t open it the first time would be pissed off to the extent that they will unsubscribe to our mails?  This is essentially a refining stage to refine our already refined list. Though, initially one schedules campaigns for a specific date but the behavior of customers can change along the campaigning and consequently our expected rates may differ from the ideal. It gives us a foresight into our end result and we can change our frequency as appropriate.

Where to send your emails?
We definitely start with a target list of customers. However, we don’t expect to go with the same list through the entire campaign. Our goal is to make everyone on the list to, at least, open the email. Philosophy: Since they’re on the list, they should be aware of us.
As mentioned earlier, we take into consideration the customer behavior while we get leads and fragment our emails into lead nurturing and generation during the campaigning, shortly referred to as optimizing-on-the-go.

Email Marketing has been made better and effective with technology—designing, data & automation. It’s just that small businesses are untouched with its offerings. If anything, Email Campaign Management, takes the burden off small businesses of doing the email marketing in an effective way.



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