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CCIE Wireless Exam (400-351)

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If you want to make your mark in the IT field and want to secure your secure your future as an engineer then you must take “CCIE Wireless Written Exam 400-351”. The 400-351 exam evaluates various skills of a wireless engineer. The aspects of the exams have been discussed in this article.

General Exam Description:

If you are going to appear in 400-351 Cisco CCIE exam then you must be aware of the exam pattern and the skills tested in this exam. The exam is classified into two different categories, as the exam pattern of 400-351 has been updated recently. The exam pattern for the candidates that are going to appear in the test before November 8, 2017 is different from the exam pattern for the candidates appearing on or after November 8, 2017. The exam is divided into CCIE Wireless Written Exam and CCIE Wireless Lab Exam and validates the WLAN networking skills of an engineer.

Overview of CCIE Written Exam:

The 400-351 Cisco CCIE Wireless Exam is 2 Hour test, consisting of 90-110 questions which helps to validate the skills as a wireless engineer. The exam is not an open book exam and the candidates are not allowed to any outside reference. In written exam, a section of an Evolving Technologies has also been included that help candidates to access command over their core technology expertise and learn about evolving technologies such as Cloud, Network Programmability and Iot. The written exam develops a better theoretical understanding of the WLAN technology and able candidates to design, implement and deal with troubleshoot complex wireless solutions.

Summary of CCIE Lab Exam:

The 400-351 Cisco CCIE Wireless Lab Exam is an 8 Hour long test, in which the candidates are required to configure, diagnose and troubleshoot scenarios of complex network. The Lab Exam oblige candidates to understand how the network works? How functional requirements are translated into specific device configurations? The most important skill that a candidate must have is the understanding and knowledge of troubleshooting. Because the skill of trouble shooting will assist the candidates in configuration and diagnosis of complex network scenarios. The candidates will have the responsibility of the devices residing in the network.

Guidelines for the Content:

Before appearing in the 400-351 exam the candidates must be aware of the contents grid. The guideline about the content may change at any time without any notice. The content of the exam is almost same for the candidates of before, on or after November 8, 2017 schedule. The domains that are included in the exam are Plan & Design WlAN Technologies (16%-11%), Configure & Troubleshoot the Network Infrastructure (12%-10%) and Evolving Technologies (10%).

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