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Dress sharp, avoid the monsoon marks: Tips for what to wear in Monsoon

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They say, listen to the rhythm of the falling rain, it has a message to say!
Monsoon brings you the choices; either you fall in love with it or you get wet. Most of the people choose to get wet but when you are wearing a nice sophisticated attire, you don’t really want to get it spoiled. What’s next then? Well, we have some tips and tricks to help you this monsoon. Follow these and get dressed accordingly to enjoy the monsoon without those perpetual stains.
What fabric to choose in Monsoon?
When it comes to summer, we always avoid silk as it created more head and is kind of sticky. But speaking about the monsoon, you must definitely bring the silk clothes at the brink of your wardrobe. Along with it, nylon and chiffon can also be a good hand-pick this monsoon. A nice HangerMe shirt can be a life saver for you in monsoon.
These fabrics do not stick to the skin when wet and also dries out real quick. So picking these fabrics can save you from bizzaze embarrassment. You can instead step out and enjoy the rains without nay fear of everlasting stains or any wardrobe malfunction.
What not to wear in Monsoons?
Did you ever accidentally fell into fashion disaster unease? If not, lucky you! Because rains love to do it with humans. You wouldn’t even realize and your shirt will turn into transparent coming in contact with water. It might not be too embarrassing for men, but ladies have a big problem there. Out of nowhere, you get a tag of wearing “fashion blunders” and your well-dressed image will disappear in a flick.
Aah! Don’t let this happen to you. Never ever pick the fabrics like knits and linen, it can also cause allergy to your body when wet. So, say no to the face of such fabrics. More importantly, makes sure that you are wearing the right vest, spaghetti or tanks in monsoon under your shirt or top.
Besides the fabrics, the apparel that you cannot bear in monsoon are the thick denim jeans. Firstly, they do not dry out quickly and moreover, full-length bottom wear is a big turn off in monsoon. Instead, pick the three-fourth pants or ankle-length HangerMe trousers. If possible, avoid the full-length bottom wear completely especially when you have to travel a long way to your office. Long skirts, jeans, pants are a big trouble maker in monsoon.
The right things to wear:
Waiting since long to wear those fitted formal skirts? Tug it off your wardrobe and carry it with a comfortable pair of shoes. You can also pick cotton, linen or chiffon saree, dresses, shirts and three- fourth this monsoon to keep your style game on. When confused, ask the HangerMe designers, they will help you with the fabric as per the season.
Oh Boy! Well, men out there don’t do not have to scratch their head for choices. You can pluck your linen fitted trousers with a nice cotton, linen or chiffon HangerMe shirt and maintain your style with ease. Light colored or decent prints can gloom your look in the office in no time. Avoid colors like black, red, brown, orange and navy blue and alternatively, pick sky blue, sea green and such soothing colors. Strictly say no to jeans in monsoon, as they can create rashes when wet and you cannot dry them off.
So, these were tips and tricks that you can use this monsoon essentially. While we wish it arrives soon, we also need to turn the wardrobe as per the seas


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