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How Email List Cleaning Can Improve Your Email Marketing Results

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Email list cleaning is a very cost-effective way of improving your email marketing results. There are many benefits associated with this process and you can accomplish them in a short period of time by executing some simple tasks.
Here are the main benefits you can achieve from executing properly the process of email list cleaning:

Reduce Bounce Rates: Cleaning your email list on a regular basis will make sure that you remove all the invalid emails from your list and therefore will automatically reduce your bounce rates. Whenever you create an email marketing campaign and then send messages to invalid email addresses, you will have “bounce backs” for the email server which sent the campaign. The higher the number of “bounce backs”, the higher the risk of your sender address being black listed. Therefore, make sure you do the process of email list cleaning at least once a month, especially if you have a considerable amount of incoming subscribers regularly.

Increase Conversion Rates: If your email marketing campaign get to be sent only for a clean email list full of subscribers which are really interested and engaged with your business, you will naturally have higher conversion rates. You should prefer a high quality small to medium size list rather than a huge list full of people who are not going to accept your offers. The key to make a considerable number of sales is to have a considerable amount of people interested into what you have to offer, then you just have to present well to them what they already want and then of course they are going to buy it.

Lower Costs: As your email marketing tool bills probably do not let you forget, you have to pay for sending messages to your subscribers. Therefore, once you clean invalid and inactive emails (which may be a big part of your email list if you do not clean it regularly) there will probably be an automatic reduction on your email marketing costs.

When Should You Clean Your List

The exact right moment to run the email list cleaning process will depend on many factors. There is really no perfect formula to defining exactly when you should clean your list. However, here are a few main factors you should consider to determine if the right moment to clean your list is:

You have a considerable amount of subscribers: Many times big lists will have a big number of subscribers which are inactive for months. Make sure you define well what elements classify your group of permanent inactive subscribers and remove them from your list.

You get a lot of new subscribers daily: The faster your email list grows, the more often you will have to clean it in order to keep experiencing the benefits listed above. Try to think on it as a tree you will need to keep pruning as it grows.

You have a great opt-in offer: In case you have an unrefusable opt-in offer (congratulations!) people might sign-up to your email list just to get your offer but be totally unresponsive afterward, literally for months.

In case you do not have one of these main factors above, you may be good with doing email list cleaning a few times per year.

Now get busy, and start cleaning your list if you have not done it recently. If you want more great tips on email marketing visit the website



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