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Why Should You Create a Welcome Email Marketing Campaign For Your Business?

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Email marketing has proven many times to be one of the most effective customer acquisition channels on the business world. Articles published by highly trusted popular companies like McKinsey & Company and Litmus demonstrate how effective email marketing can be for businesses that know how to use it properly.

The numbers are really outstanding. For example, the average $40 ROI (Return On Investment) for each $1 dollar spent (shown at the Litmus article) or the nearly forty times higher effectiveness rate on acquiring customers over Facebook and Twitter combined (shown at the McKinsey & Company article). These numbers “speak really loudly” that any business wanting to achieve great results must include email marketing heavily on its customer acquisition strategy.

However, the problem for most businesses does not know that they should be using email marketing; the problem is they do not know how to use it properly. The majority of businesses simply do not know how to create and execute highly effective email marketing campaign and therefore only achieve ordinary results with this extraordinary tool. The biggest proof of their naivety is that welcome campaigns (which is one of the most basic and profitable type of email marketing campaigns) is ignored by many businesses (only about 50% of companies use welcome campaigns on their email marketing strategy).

The Effectiveness Of Welcome Email Campaigns: An effective welcome email campaign allows a business to start a meaningful relationship with its subscriber’s right at the first interactions. Once potential and current customers are in the email list, the main factor to be worried about is to keep them highly engaged so they can get ready to accept as many offers as possible.

Many studies show the effectiveness of this type of campaign. Here are some really interesting data about welcome email campaigns:

  • They achieve about three times more transactions per email than the regular promotional email campaigns.
  • They are capable of accomplishing about four times more opens and five times more clicks if compared to other types of email marketing campaigns
  • A report by Blue hornet demonstrated that around 74% of customers expect to receive welcome messages when they join in an email list.

This data is more than enough to prove the effectiveness of welcome email campaigns. A good welcome campaign is capable of engaging people right after they made their first contacts with a company, getting them to accept many additional offers (which they would not do if the welcome campaign did not exist) and establish up to 33% longer interactions with businesses.

Creating and Executing Welcome Email Campaigns

In order for a welcome email campaign to be successful in acquiring and retaining customers it needs to follow a series of best practices. There are many elements involved into the creation and execution of this type of campaign, therefore not everybody can do it. For learning more about this topic and have access to experts on this type of email marketing campaign visit the website iDreamBiz



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