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What to expect from future laptops?

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“Pinch me once, is it really going to happen?” Well yes, you might repeat the same after reading this post. And, it’s not me predicting all this, but the inventors who are looking forward to this and so have shared their thoughts. However, it will take huge span of time to get into action, but it’s going to be crazy like never before. Excited to know what you can experience in the new future? Then keep on reading.

Below are some future scenes that you might see in the laptops in your near future. While some of the might be predictable, other are just going to blow your mind.

  • Curved screen:

Having a stunning appearance, curved screen is going to be the next big thing in laptops. Sleek, sumptuous and touchscreen obviously, this laptop will illuminate in the dark. The glow lights will make it look appealing and the light sensitive screen will reduce the eyestrain which as of now, is the major drawback in current laptops. However, D&C laptops has a protective shield on the screen that prevent the rays to affect your eyes. Besides, it is said that this curve screen laptop will have two inbuilt operating system which makes me wonder how amazing ti is going to work! Impressive right?

  • Digital keyboards:

The touch keys are now common (however, it is still far from common man’s reach), but the digital keyboards will be a digital writing pad and will be so cool to operate. The add-on docking stations including a home unit will enable the entertainment center mode and you will be able to use your laptop in both ways. How cool is that!

  • The inbuilt scanner and printer:

Since cd drives are at the edge of extinction, the upcoming laptops, may have the inbuilt scanner and printer. Now the point is whether cd drives will be replaced by these or these will be the new add on. Time will tell. Having a printer & scanner and yet keeping it sleek will definitely be the sight to wait for.

  • Folding keyboard:

It does not sound something of our use, but the makers have revealed that the upcoming laptop will have a folding keyboard. So, the screen will be digital and the folding keyboards will not make it look bulky. It will still be sleek and will turn your heads with the stunning retro look.

  • Book like screen laptops:

Now this looks fascinating, especially for the book lovers like me. How cool is to carry a light weight sleek book cum laptop. So this laptop will have a book like structure, while you will open the laptop book, one side has the screen and other has the keyboard. This will be a great pick for the travelers or for casual users.

  • The opaque keyboard, the transparent display:

This one excites me, you can actually flaunt out laptop. Imagine the beauty of the laptops that will have an opaque touch keyboard and transparent display, that will look like a glass. Obviously, these will demand high maintenance, extra cost and frequent cleaning, but this will be a revolution in the gadget industry. Fingers crossed for this one!

  • Flexible display, projection screens:

Wow! You will actually be able to bend the screen like a paper. The ideas says that you will be able to fold it as the display will be super flexible like a rubber. Another super amazing thing is this projector laptops. The keyboards will be a virtual touch boards on a flat surface like your table or desk and it will appear with just a laser beam. It’s sounds real fascinating but let’s see how many years it takes to get in into action.

Well, these were some of the future ideas that you might see in the laptops this life. D&C is planning and working on some awesome products that will be enabled with highly advanced technology.

For now, you can come out of your dreams and can go for super advanced D&C laptops that are available at an unbelievable price range. Try that out and stay tuned on and for future updates. You never know, when you can miss the awesomeness.


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