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The Fashion Column: Is formal better than casual?

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5 (100%) 1 vote

“If you want anything, dress for it”

Well I know that most of you will not agree to me but apparently, formals are better than casuals. And it’s not just me but somewhere, all of us love the appearance of someone dressed formally well. It brings elegance in the personality and so, person carrying a formal attire grabs more attention than that of a casual one. And to clear your info, I am not the only one, studies says it too.

Below are the three common notions that people generally have for the formal wear. Let’s get straight to these and the fact that is hidden behind it.

  • Formals are not comfortable? Say what?

Well, most of u believe that formals are not comfortable. If you are one of them, then my friend, there is a problem in your selection choice. Selection of wrong fabric and size is the factor of your uncomforted thinking or probably you must have not tried the best quality formal wear yet. Believe it or not but a trouser or a formal pants are not just lighter but way comfortable than those think jeans. And especially when it is monsoon, HangerMe trousers are life saver. Try them out once, and it will change your mind I bet.

  • Formal makes a person looks old and not “oh so cool”

Again a pointless obligation! In fact, formal wear makes us look elegant and too cool to look hot. We always admire someone who we spot carrying those fashionable formals. And yes, the point is, formal has to be fashionable. Those old school formals will definitely make you look mature. Try the HangerMe fitted range, these are just breathtakingly impressive. Don’t you judge the personality by the attire? You do, aah don’t lie now! You, me and everyone out here, whenever we spot anyone who is decked up in formals, we assume him to be rich, sophisticated or a person working at senior level position in office, obviously, until he speaks. Formal can look as cool as casual if you choose it to be, HangerMe gives you this opportunity.

  • “Wearing formals seems as we are stuck in one position!”

The third notion! Again, I will say the fault is in your hands. If the selection has been rightly done, you will be able to move your hands and body as easily as you do in casuals. Select the right fabric, know your right size from each part of your body and take help from the designers, and that’s’ it. You will never regret opting for formals. Book your order from HangerMe, pick the fabric that you are comfortable with from the wide array of fabrics, give the right measurements and done! HangerMe designers will assist you to come up with the incredibly comfortable attire that you wish for.

Well these were some notions that we need to clear in our heads. However, nothing said here is set in stone, but trust me, wearing formals at times, does enhances your look.


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