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Features of 300 hours and 200-hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh

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Today there are different institutions where one can learn yoga and in future can work as the yoga teacher. These institutions are registered under government and can give an atmosphere where one can learn and also practice it under experts. One such place where one can practice it and attain full knowledge of yoga in Rishikesh. There is different program conducted under which one can learn yoga and in future become the best teacher. One who has less time can go for 200 or 300 hours training program. The program is designed according to hours so that one can balance their body and attain perfection. One who completes there 200-hour program can only get the chance to go for a 300-hour program and also able to get the designation of RYT-200.This program is all about building self-confidence, balancing and learning different layers of yoga. It is the initial step which will help one to attain all basics about yoga which can even further share their knowledge with others.

Features of 200-hour program

  • Yoga consists of different asana and under 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training in India, one gets an option to study asana. It is very important to perform asana in such way that there is no harm to our body and it gives proper alignment.
  • Experts give through a practise of asana which will help one to build self-confidence. This will make it easy for anyone to share their knowledge with others and even become a yoga teacher.
  • Yoga has asana but also there is some philosophy, hypothesis which are linked with it. To become a perfect teacher one needs to have knowledge in such area and so training program imparts such knowledge and an idea of asana to students.
  • Voice is an important factor in yoga and so under teaching program, voice modulation is being taught. This will help to make one perform yoga with your strong voice.
  • Experts will help to learn all about yoga, its postures and also impart art of teaching. The teacher must have art which will help students to work according to their commands and so the art of teaching is also imparted at institutions.

Why opt for 300-hour program

One who has cleared 200-hour yoga program are qualified for the 300-hour program where one will enhance their knowledge of yoga. It is believed that yoga is one such area where more you explore you will something new and which will help to have fulfilled life. One who wishes to become best yoga teacher will really find 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training in India best for them and can also help to gain more knowledge and perfection.


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