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The Latest inventions of Google

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Google is not just a search engine it was something beyond that. Besides a giant search engine, it is also a tech giant, an inventor etc.

Google is itself an inspiration, evolution and revolution. Google professionals are those smart thinkers that have the capabilities to invent the most unbelievable things in the world that makes the life of a layman easier. They are trying to build a better tomorrow for the people.

Google becomes the habit for all of us. It is always with you every time everywhere. Whenever you want some information about anything you just go for Google engine.

Searching for something: Google it.

The technology giant loves to work on inventions that no one else in the world even thinks about it. They keep on inventing unimaginable things.

Google has invented incredible inventions from the past few years whether it is in IT industry, healthcare industry, medical industry and much more.

Don’t you feel curious to know about the incredible inventions of Google?

If yes, then let’s read some of the inventions of the google:

  1. Google contact lens: Google healthcare research units have found new ways to treat and monitor diabetes. Google professionals designed contact lens that measures the glucose level in a person’s body. The contact lens reads the glucose level every second and transmits the readings to an associated app on your phone. When your sugar level crosses thresholds, you will receive a notification from the app to contact a physician in case of emergency.
  2. Google driverless cars: Google’s driverless car project developed under Google X, the moonshot lab which is the part of Google’s parent company Alphabet. Google first started its driverless cars testing in 2009 using a Toyota Prius retrofitted in it. A driverless car not only helps the person who lost the vision ability but also saves more than 30,000 lives lost in traffic crashes in U.S. each year. These cars not even able to master driving in American freeways but also handles city streets and pedestrians.
  3. Project Ara: It’s a modular smartphone concept designed by the Google inventors exclusively for 6 billion people. Using Ara, you can customize every aspect of a smartphone. This design allows a device to upgrade over time with new capabilities without requiring to purchase the entire new device. It ensures the long life of your smartphone. Google had announced the successful completion of this project. This is most ambitious and costly project of Google that makes your phone turns into reality.

Not only these, there are much more mind-boggling inventions of Google on which they are working on.

Not only invention, Google believes in change. That’s the reason it keeps on changing the lives of the people and makes it easier.


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