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How Marketing Automation Can Help Your Business

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Marketing automation has become increasingly popular over the last years due the fascinating results that it has been able to deliver for businesses. It is not an accident that about 80 percent of the high performing companies use or plan to use soon marketing automation on their operations.

The publication by Gartner predicts that by 2020 about 85 percent of the relationships between companies and customers is going to be automated (without any necessity of human interference once the standard procedures are configured). This publication and many others prove that marketing automation is the future of client acquisition and retention. Any business that resist on seeing this fact is definitely in risk of getting in trouble in a near future.

On this article we are going to cover some of main benefits of using marketing automation on your business and how it can affect your results considerably.

Benefits of Marketing Automation

Here are the main benefits which marketing automation can bring to your business if it is applied on the proper way:

Reduce Costs: On almost every type of automation system you are going to see this benefit. Through automating boring repetitive marketing procedures businesses are capable of liberating their marketing professionals to execute the really important tasks that are going to impact the most the revenues. Automation saves a lot of time and therefore money. Time saved is money saved. And like the famous quote from Benjamin Franklin says: “A penny saved is a penny earned”.

Increase Sales: Current marketing automation platforms include features as lead scoring and nurturing, advanced email marketing services functionalities (like list segmentation, split testing, and event-triggered emails), CRM integration and many other features. Through all these elements businesses are capable of improving drastically their whole prospecting and sales processes. Over time these processes become better and the closing rates keep on improving.

Integrate Marketing Channels: High quality marketing automation platforms offer the integration between all the most used inbound and outbound client acquisition channels (email marketing, social media, local and online events, search marketing, calls, etc.). Through this integration businesses are capable of watching from one place what is happening with all the investments made on marketing (no matter what is the channel), which is a great way to control all expenses and make sure that all the money is being spent on the best possible way in order to accomplish the strategic business goals.

Take Action

Now that you know the main benefits of marketing automation, make sure you take action and start implementing it on your business strategy as soon as possible.

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