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Mouse-less yet not useless! Useful short cut keys on windows 10

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Well, just in case your mouse pad does not work, or you don’t want to use it, I have some tips for you. And these are not only when your mouse does not work, but keypad short cut keys are a big life saver at times. It makes the task real quick and saves a lot of hassle of moving the cursor to hit the right option (hope you know what I mean). So let me introduce you to some cool keyboard shortcut tricks that you can use for quick function (okay that’s not new, but generally we don’t use it because we don’t know about it).

I don’t know whether you can relate to this or not, but I always want to have food while watching web series. And every time I do this, I end up leaving the mouse pad dirty which pisses me off. Since I know the short cuts now, it saves my mouse pad from those greasy hands. I just need to use fingertip to get the function done and it’s better.

  • Lock the screen at one shot:

Generally we do a two- step method that is going to the start menu and then we get log off screen option. Well if you are in hurry, simply press Windows logo+L and this will lock your screen. An always do this while you are at your workplace as this keeps your data safe.

  • Minimize the screen:

To minimize the screen while you are working, just press windows button + down arrow key. Similarly, to maximize the screen, you can press windows+up key, simple isn’t?

  • Virtual desktop:

Pressing windows key with Ctrl and D creates virtual desktop from which you can arrange the desktop as per your wish. To close this, you can press windows+ctrl+F4 and your virtual desktop will shut down. How cool is that!

  • Zoom in and out to the screen:

In place of finding the option in the setting to zoom in or out the screen, you can simply press windows key with + to zoom in and windows key with – to zoom out the screen. It save pretty much of time.

  • Move the screen up and down:

Well, pressing Alt key with Page up with move up one screen and to make it reverse, simply try Windows key with Page down.

  • Select multiple things at a time, copy, cut & paste :

Well many of you must know this already, buy for the kids out there, it becomes really difficult to use the drag and drop. Ask them to press Ctrl+A for copy, Ctrl+C for cut and Ctrl+V to paste. This saves the struggle of dragging and then right clicking. Also, to select multiple items at times, simple press Ctrl and then click on as many items you want to copy. Trust me! This saves hell lot of time.

  • Close the current window:

Well to close the current window, press Ctrl+F4. This will immediately shut down the open window saving a lot of hassle.

So, do try these short cuts until we meet again with the next update. Till then stay tuned!


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