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The internet is a lot more than pictures of cats, memes, conspiracy theories, social networking and funny videos.Especially when it comes to matters concerning your wardrobe. For the internet has also opened a whole new world in retail. You might recognize it as the commonly referred term – online shopping. Millions of your favorite brands, latest fashion apparels & trends available at just a click! From “What do I wear to the party?” to “I can’t wait to show-off my new t-shirt!” in a matter of seconds; online shopping has made looking fashionable an everyday affair.

Yet, a lot of people feel clueless every time they go online to shop. Buying the wrong size, not able to make out colors or unable to judge if the clothes suit; these are just some common problems that customers face. It always pays to lock-down on a reliable shopping portal (try Reliance Trends), and also, avoiding a few things straight away. So, instead of the cliched ‘online shopping guide’, here’s a list that will tell you the opposite – How not to shop online.

  1. “The size is M, so it must fit me”

First things first – different online shopping platforms have different size metrics. That size M men’s tshirts might be a size L for some other brand! Make sure you refer the size chart attached with all product details. It’s there for a reason.

  1. “It’s the market trend, it’ll look good on me too”

Just because the model of a leading fashion magazine is sporting that look, doesn’t mean it’ll suit you too! This is not meant to discourage, but rather educate on how important it is to know your body type. Don’t run by the whims of the fashion industry. Know exactly what you want and what suits you. There is more grace in wearing men’s jeans that suit than wearing the latest fashion trend that doesn’t.

  1. “My waist was 32 last year, it must be the same”

Checking the product size chart is one thing, but being 100% sure of what size you are is another. Typically, an average human body size can change in a span of 6 months, so make sure you get your measurements done before placing an order online.

4.“It’s not available in blue, so I’ll buy it in redNo difference”

Don’t break your heart over colors! Often, one apparel can look great in one color but can look downright hideous in another. Don’t let your purchasing be driven by availability.


5.“It’s expensive, so it must be good”

Just because the price tag is big doesn’t mean it is of superior quality. Online shopping platforms like Reliance Trends bring the trendiest apparels at affordable rates, making sure that money is not the driving factor to look good and also there are amazing online shopping offers out there!


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