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These Are The Places Your Girlfriend Wants You To Kiss Her, And It’s Not Her Lips

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We know her lips are hard to resist but let me tell you one thing. She wants you not to tire out of those make-out sessions. Yes, women like kissing because it makes them feel closer emotionally but it won’t harm both of you to increase up that notch a little and try new places to make them feel ecstatic. So if you want to get closer as a couple, go out of the habit of just reaching out for her mouth and explore all these options by laying your lip caresses over all the parts listed down below.

NOTE: These are the most sensitive areas. Choose wisely.

1. Nape of the neck

You know this very well. She loves it when you start from her neck and go your way down. Try lifting her hair up a little and nibble.

2. Back

Go brush your fingers on her back stimulating the area. She would love it. It is an intimate hot gesture that makes the girl turn on all the time.

3. Forehead kisses

The sweeter love as we call it. It’s a huge confidence builder. A sweet kiss on the forehead soothes her soul and gives her the weak-on-my-knees feeling.

4. Fingers

Fingertips are concentrated with a lot of nerve endings making them super sensitive to soft kisses and all your oral skills. Give her an idea of how you do it.

5. Nips

Caressing those nipples secretes oxytocin that is the happy hormone. Moreover loving the entire breast gives her a lot of pleasure. Score a hit while you brush your girl’s pretty bosoms.

6. Ears

Ears might be quite sensitive to light licking and there is nothing better than auditory stimulation. Don’t forget whispering things that could drive her crazy.

7. Clitoris


Once that you land here, you have reached your final destination. It is said there are almost 8,000 nerve endings in the clitoris alone. If you have learned the art of oral fun, this won’t be a hard game to play. Good luck then.



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