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PLUNES is a utility network, at anyone can have their own lawyer and doctor anywhere anytime. We offer this unique opportunity for every individual where they can stay connected with the Doctor and Lawyer of their choice and it could be multiple and from different locations as well.
At you can search choose and consult the professionals of your choice. There are various options to connect with professionals and find solutions to your concerns at Few are mentioned below.
Ask: Depending upon your need and query choose lawyer or doctor of your choice of category and then choose the lawyer or doctor of your choice. You can directly ask them by clicking on the ask button on their profile. You can share any document if you want, you can get any document verified from any lawyer or doctor according to your need, just don’t forget to attach it with your concern.
The other option is very simple, useful and can be very useful for you. You can hire any lawyer and doctor at for just Rs485 for 24 hours. And for the same professional if you hire it could cost you thousands of rupees. So PLUNES saves time and money for you. This option is very useful you can send legal notices to anyone by just sitting over your sofa just send the details of your concerns to your lawyer. You can consult them or with them for 24 hours, You can get any of your documents verified from them or you can even meet them as well.

The services and options available at is very useful and unique and to make best use of it all you need to do is to sign up to which is free and simple.


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