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How the Quality of Language Translation is Determined for Good Business?

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For a business that deals with global client, language translation is a part of the process. As the business grows, the quality of the content has to be high to meet the thoughts of global clients. Right from the video to documentation, everything has to undergo certain stage of quality assurance that falls under the duty of translation service providers. The translation quality of the business documents defines how well the translator has worked over it. A business that has invested lots of money and time into it, there is a lot at stake if the translation quality isn’t at par. Professionally handled translation quality standard not only helps the business to deal with rich content, but also avoid any miscommunication.

Professional translation services follow a certain set of quality practice leveraging the long term business work. There is a certain translation process undertaken in terms of grammar, brand terminology, style and other aspects. These areas are essential to consider which can be a task and should be better left to the professionals.

Reason why tracking quality can be difficult?

A reputed translation agency works for multiple clients and translates 100s of documents daily. Each company has its own quality requirements and processes according to the content that need to be produced. For instance- a top advertising agency may require content which is witty and stylized tone. The translation quality standards may deter as the changes happen, or asked to be done.

Let us now check how professional translation services work on maintaining the quality of the language:

· Creating the Quality Plan:

One of the important language translation process steps, quality matters the lot to come up with rewarding translation. Quality is what defines the experience of the translators and getting the work done with perfection. The translation service reviews each and every content to check every line to find errors and sort it out. Certain aspects of quality check include:

Ø Perfect Language Skills

Ø Knowledge in Translation Field

Ø Research

· Glossary Development:

As a part of translation QA tools, translators undergo the glossary development process to work effectively on the material. Different languages have different glossaries which need to be understood while translating the document in the respective language. Glossary is the key to the highest level of quality and is the process that should be updated.

· Following Industry Standards:

For quality translation quality standards, translators need to work according to the industry ethics. There are different industries certifications which the translation vendor needs to adhere with to provide quality translation. Translation services in India follow certain set of standards that helps local companies to meet the overseas business goals.

· Accuracy Check Step:

As the first draft of the translation is completed, the translator will then compare different chunk of text with the original one. By doing this, the translator ensures that no text from the original document goes missing. The document should comply with the business text ethics and should be authentic as per the respective language. For a business, it is important to have an accurate document translated that from professional translation services offering accurate checks of every aspect of the language.

· Clear Corrective Action Plan:

Many a times, there are situations where the translator may face the certain issues affecting the translation quality. In such situation, translation QA toolsare used as part of corrective action plan. This action plan certainly helps in correcting the issues quickly, and ensures that no such problem arrives in the future.

The translation agency ensures that every business document translated undergoes multiple quality check, language authenticity and grammar check. More importantly, it represents the goal of the company with fluency in the respective foreign language.


If your company is dealing with global clients and is always in the process of translating the documents, but finding it hard to deal with the burden, then Shakti Enterprise is your answer. Being the leading translation agency in India, Shakti Enterprise performs various steps of translation for business documents to ensure quality work. Backed with latest translation QA tools, company ensures of provided error free documents. So contact us now for translation quality in all your business documents.


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