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The right talent that fits your bill

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In today’s competitive job industry, we are living in a candidate-driven market, with demand to fill open positions far outstripping supply in many different industries. This means employers are facing an increasingly demanding and competitive talent market with many recruiters going for the same candidates.

A vacancy arises within your company and after advertising for it; you receive hundreds of CVs and completed application from thousands of candidates who do not fit into the bill. With an outlook of changing needs, manpower is being characterized as key to growth, and hence hiring will not only be about sourcing candidates and getting vacancies filled anymore.

Improved job matching will be the most important factor while the recruitment industry gets reshaped in the next few years. Recruiting the best staff for your company is always going to be a top priority for you as an employer, whether you are a small and medium enterprise or part of a large, corporate firm.

There is an ever-increasing focus on effective recruitment. Hiring the right candidate has never been more important than NOW. The company’s ability to find, attract, and ultimately recruit skilled talent is going to determine how successful they are in meeting their business growth objectives.

In India, a reservoir of talent pool is available along with increased job opportunities and thus it is vital to match the requirements of a job with a candidate’s capability and vice versa. Organizations will increasingly be on the lookout for a quality talent pool and therefore the right kind of matchmaking will definitely hold the answers to business growth and expansion.

With ever-changing trends in the job industry, attracting candidates is considered as important as attracting customers. Your employer branding is the sum-total of what potential employees’ think of you as an employer and the goal is to create differentiation and preference in the minds of these people. Therefore, investing in a strong employer brand will give you a major advantage in attracting top talent.

The rising employee turnover rate is giving recruiters a challenge to implement practices to enhance employee engagement and retain them for a longer period of time in the organization. The nature of workforce, the setup of different companies, the changes in work culture, the introduction of new initiatives by the government of the day; all of these factors, and more, can contribute to the challenges for the employer in both the recruitment of staff and the retention of staff.

It is effective and important for the employer to maintain healthy employee morale within the organization. A good relationship between management and staff can do wonders for morale. Keeping your team of staff motivated and happy, making them feel like a valued part of the company are vital for organizational benefits.

It is indeed a challenge to find the apt candidate for your organization, and we can assist you in finding the same. You could try out Jobd.


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