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Sleep issues? Try changing your mattress!

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Is insomnia attacking you again? Have your considered changing your mattress for better sleep? The Sleep Council recommends the changing of a regular mattress every 7 to 8 years for inducing better sleep. Thats the longest a mattress should be used on your bed as it tends to worn out after 8 years of regular use. A good mattress is very essential for proper rest and support of the body while you sleep. A good quality mattress goes a long way in preventing back aches and body stiffness. There are a large number of mattresses available in the market made from different materials which make them soft, medium hard and hard. Different sleep positions require different mattresses and one should do a thorough research before buying the best suited mattress for them.

There are certain guidelines which should be considered before buying a mattress. The sleeping positions are very important in choosing the right kind of mattress. If you sleep on your side then you should go in for a medium to soft bed to give optimum support to your curves. A back sleeping position and a stomach sleeping position require medium to firm mattresses to give optimum support to your body. If your partner tosses and turns a lot during sleep then you could consider going in for the customized mattresses in which the dual sectors can be made according to personal preference. Mattresses are made of 4 types of core such as innerspring, foam, latex and air-filled. One can do an intense survey on the different brands in the market and the different variations offered and then choose one best suited to his need. Selecting a mattress needs an intense survey, a field which often goes neglected by most of us. We end up not having a restful sleep and feeling tired the next day.

These are the indications that you need a new mattress:

  1. If you are experiencing sleepless nights and cannot find any specific reason for it, then it could be because of the mattress. Try changing a new one to see if you sleep better.
  2. If your mattress has become worn out and is sagging or lumpy from some areas, then its an indication that you need a new one. Continuing to sleep on that old one may give you back ache.
  3. If your partner tosses or turns all night, then its an indication that the mattress is not giving optimum rest and support to the body.
  4. After the initial 7 to 8 years, mattresses tend to accumulate a lot of dirt and germs and its better to change it for a new one.

A good sleep and a well rested body is the necessity of every one and neglecting this could result in increased fatigue, irritation and body pain the next day. One would find decrease in productivity and overall wellness and hence if you are experiencing sleep problems, then do consider the mattress factor along with other probable reasons.


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