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Top reasons why laptop is a clear winner over the new gadgets

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5 (100%) 1 vote

Having so many gadgets choices in market, people like us gets confused as what to buy.  Laptops replaced computers for the obvious reasons. However, people expected that tablets are also going to be the new cool replacing the laptops. But that’s certainly not the intelligent move. Moreover, it is not going to happen because of the huge difference between the two. Wondering what it can be?

Well, tabs might be a pinnacle in the gadget industry but certainly can’t replace laptops. Here are the major reasons to prove that.

  • Psychological ease:

Many people, including me, are comfortable with the trend that we have been following since long. Not every time, touch screen is comfortable. Plus you can easily find touch feature in laptops too, but tabs at times, acts difficult when it comes to operating them. They definitely are handy, and much more portable, but that psychological easy never agrees to the fact and presser that I more reliable to them (people who still prefer reading the newspapers over e-newspapers, would get this point, I am sure). So, if the touch is not working fine in laptop, you have an option to use keys, but tabs are not going to have any mercy on this.

  • Applications that are not used to touch:

Tablets, these days are coming windows friendly, but still it fails to support some apps. It starts to hang and behave abruptly on some apps at times. On the other hand, windows laptops can run any application compatible to windows.

  • Built in features

Unlike tabs, laptops do have the peripheral features built inside.  While you can find premium sound quality in laptops, you would hardly find that in tabs. Few of you may not agree, but that’s the bitter truth my dear friend! The quality is unmatchable and that’s a genuine reason perhaps.

  • Bulk storage:

You will find the tabs maximum with 64 or 128 GB and that’s it.  For mass storage, we all run to our laptops storage or to hard disks. No matter how tablets try to replace laptops, at some point of time, they surely cannot.

  • 3D not enabled in tabs:

Another reason to justify the point. Well many laptops offer 3D monitors and screens that can play high quality, HD videos in crystal clear and 3D manner. However, tabs are way behind as of now.

  • Choices of operating system:

Yes, talking about the laptops, you can have choices for operating system that you just can’t have in tabs. In tablets, you need to manage with the already installed operating system at the manufacturing factory. So yes, that’s one big think to make the difference too.

Indeed, laptops will always prevail the gadget world regardless of the upcoming hi-tech gadgets. Also, you can check D&C laptops that are also offering HD touch screen in such affordable prices. Apart from that, windows 10 is already installed to give you the feel of operating system.

So don’t wait and order your ease now. For now, that’s a wrap for this post. Until we come up with the next informative blog post, check out last post where we told you about some shortcuts on windows 10. Happy learning!


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