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Try this to lose weight!

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Are you struggling with weight issues? Does your house maid or help often trouble you? Do you feel lethargic and irritated all the time? Is your house dirty and un-kept most of the time? Does your husband constantly pressurize you to hit the gym and lose weight?

Well, the modern Indian dilemma! Have you come across a few of your relatives or friends who suffer from similar problems? Or do you suffer the same?

The easiest solution to all these problems is simple. Chuck the maid and be your own house maid! Not only would you save a bomb by this but would also be fitter and healthier within a month.

Sweeping and mopping the house are often considered menial jobs and most of the Indian houses always have a house help be it part time or full time. 20% of the troubles a housewife faces are due to the irregular and unsatisfactory working habits of such people. But instead of blaming them and cribbing all the time, one should understand that no one would clean your house the way you would do. Taking this agenda on your shoulders would definitely give you a cleaner home. There won’t be any dust balls beneath the sofas, carpets or behind the curtains. And the best part would be that you don’t have to depend on anyone. Clean your house whenever it suits you. No more squabbles with the maid or no more instructions to be given. Remember, if it’s your requirement, none would do it better than you. You would save a handsome amount of money too.

Cleaning your house daily would help you fall into a good routine of exercise. Sweeping, mopping dusting, all are great exercises for the body and when done with the right posture, does help to burn quite a lot of calories. You wouldn’t have to find excuses for not going to the gym as you are already gyming at home. Try this simple solution for a month and see a drastic change in your lifestyle. This way you would also find a great increase in your stamina and a gradual reduction in your lethargy.

Experts feel that the daily act of sweeping and mopping the floor by squatting on the floor helps one burn a lot of calories. The very task of making the bed also helps one burn calories. According to a recent survey the following tasks help to burn a lot of calories:

  • Vacuuming – 238 calories
  • Moving heavy furniture – 476 calories
  • Cleaning windows – 612 calories
  • Scrubbing the floor – 258 calories
  • Climbing up and down stairs – 181 calories
  • Turning mattresses and making beds – 136 calories
  • Cleaning external doors – 204 calories
  • Deep clean bathrooms – 258 calories
  • Dusting – 340 calories
  • Emptying, cleaning, repacking cupboards – 952 calories

I have tried this myself and believe me, I am much freer and happier than most of my friends who keep waiting for the helps to come and do their daily household chores for them!


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