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Usage of ERP Software in Education Institution

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We all know that education is an important tool for every country’s improvement. It is one of the industries, which is growing very vigorously in India. With very much increase in literacy rate, the number of students in colleges, schools and other institutions increases gradually.

Educational institutes normally find difficult to manage all the aspects of college or institutes, so to manage all the things education ERP software is used. It is a nightmare for institutes for maintaining and keep tracking all the aspects of the school. There a huge number of students and also double the count of their parents, many staff peoples, so managing school activities manually is a difficult task.

To establish a good reputation for your college you need all information regarding your students, their parents, teachers, and staff on your tips. In addition, this is possible only by using good school/college management software.

iERP’s Education ERP Software will take care of not only student and staff management but also other aspects of Schools & Colleges like payroll, fees management, attendance management, syllabus management etc.  iERP was developed by a top software company which is ItechSolutions, which is located in Bangalore. We completely listen &understand your needs & requirements so that we can provide you a college management system that allows individuals and communities to interact easily and seamlessly across the campus in a wholesome environment that promotes efficiency, guarantees service delivery as well as brings personalized educational experiences to propel the desired outcomes.

Some of our modules in our education ERP software are:

Admission Module, Fee Management, Syllabus Management, Exam Management, Student Life Cycle Management, HR & Payroll, Staff Profile, Teaching Plan & Topic List Management, Attendance Management & Academic Monitoring, SMS integration etc.

We also provide best ERP software for industry verticals like manufacturing, retail, real estate, hospital. We provide both cloud-based ERP and mobile ERP in which you can access your ERP software from where ever the place you are and can make changes whatever you want and all the changes will be done automatically.


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