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The Wynwood Walls ~ An International Masterpiece

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Whether you’re passing through, admiring the art, or spending the night surrounded by art and dancing bodies, Wynwood is a Miami utopia with something for everyone. The outside walls of the former warehouse buildings are covered top to bottom with color of some sort. Each block tells a different story with a unique feeling. With artists from everywhere displaying their talent through graffiti, the area shows off some incredibly realistic paintings. The way a person can capture something in their mind and translate it through a brush and onto a wall in a way that matches the outside world so accurately yet so surrealistically, it makes one wonder where all that talent comes from. Hours and hours of love and labor went into these pieces which all have been viewed by thousands upon thousands of supporters.

Originally created by Tony Goldman in 2009, just a handful of years was all he needed to put together a team to transform the warehouse district. As a graffiti artist, he believed graffiti was an underrated art, and by expanding his talent to something beyond himself, he was able to not only transform the area, but also the minds of those who take a stroll through.
The paintings on the walls mix abstract and surrealism with incredible colors, leaving the admirer to take pictures with either thousands of questions, or thousands of answers.
The art simply looks accomplished by a computer, when in actuality they were painted by numerous artists local to both Miami, and many other parts of the world. Goldman and his Co-Creative Director, Jeffrey Deitch, wanted to represent unique angles of graffiti, both the old and the new, realism, and surrealism, and they curated exactly that. Over 50 artists reflect their talent from 16 countries, yet there is always a subtle theme which connects them all.

It seems Miami’s Wynwood guys aimed for the best of the best. Each painting is incredibly detailed and full of action telling a different story. Walking through the main outdoor gallery will leave you awestruck, but it’s only the beginning. These incredible paintings are everywhere, on every street within the district.

Wynwood is special to Miami and is a unique artifact that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world, for the unique talents of the international artists will never combine in such a fashion. It’s a place to socialize, eat, admire, shop, & drain your leftover energy to end in one of the best night’s sleep you will ever get. Dancing in Wynwood is an entirely different experience than a simple night out on the town because of the energy the atmosphere gives to the area. People enjoy not only the art, but the vibes that this place attracts. Surrounding clubs live up to the area’s reputation; unique is the name of the game here. The Wynwood Walls district is a refreshing break from the same old nightlife in most U.S. cities; there’s just something about the energy that changes everything.

Private walking tours are available for all ages. Head for more information on tours and for pictures of the artists in action. Open most of the day and night, The Wynwood Walls are free of charge to the public. On rare occasions, the district is closed outside of the hours listed on the website, however a simple call can confirm or deny.

The Wynwood Walls have expanded to include artists detailing their talent on walls outside of the Wynwood district, aptly named “Outside the Walls”. As if that wasn’t enough (and it’s probably not), the expansion now includes Wynwood Walls Garden, a place for visitors to relax and take a deeper look into the paintings’ messages. With every work of art representing something original, each visitor is bound to fall in love with a wall or two, only to dream of the return.



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